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Thursday, 24 September 2015

We had another decent 80% prediction success last week. We were completely wrong about Alabama (like most people), and a few of our other big game picks were slightly off. We were definitely right about Oregon! And we were dead on with the one point UCLA over BYU prediction!

This week is a bit of a clunker, with a lot of coin-flip games. We've learned some things about our new early season algorithm that we should be able to improve upon for next season, but for now this is what we have! We do have Oregon fairly comfortably over Utah, but the other Pac 12 matchups this weekend are too close to call.

Next week we'll look at our updated Playoff Predictions, but for now, check out all of this week's predictions here: http://football.loudsound.org/2015/predictive/complete/3/scores/4!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Week 2 was a slight drop-off in accuracy at about 79%, but not too bad! Oregon didn't live up to our hype in big picks, but we did have some good tips on the upsets with Toledo winning (although we picked them as a one point underdog), and East Carolina hanging in with Florida. We'll just ignore that Fresno State/Ole Miss statement!

This is our last week of using "preseason ratings" for our predictions, and also one of the last weeks we'll see a lot of the FCS teams in play. For the big games, we have Alabama fairly comfortably over Ole Miss, Notre Dame over Georgia Tech, South Carolina and LSU in squeakers against Georgia and Auburn, respectively, and Nebraska edging out Miami. If you're looking for a lock, our 25-5 prediction for Oregon over Georgia State is as big of a spread as you'll see here! On the flip side, UCLA and BYU are as right as you can get, with UCLA a slight favorite for us, but I wouldn't wager against BYU right now!

Check out all our picks at http://football.loudsound.org/2015/predictive/complete/2/scores/3

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

We had a pretty good first week with a nearly 84% correct prediction accuracy! We got all of our big picks correct except Nebraska, but given BYU's hail mary, I think we can be excused! Our upset picks weren't quite as good, but we did warn you about Purdue!

For this week's big games, we have LSU as a small favorite over Mississippi State, Oklahoma over Tennessee, and Oregon with a slight edge over Michigan State in the big matchup of the weekend. As far as upsets, we're not looking at many, but we do see Toledo giving Arkansas trouble, Florida in a possible close one against East Carolina, and Fresno State and Ole Miss in a virtual toss-up.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Less than 24 hours until College Football returns! We already revealed our preseason rankings and picks, so let's look at the highlights for week one! Michigan and Utah kick off the season, and we have Michigan as a very slight favorite. Other big matchups for the weekend feature Alabama over Wisconsin, Auburn edging Louisville, and Notre Dame and Nebraska as small favorites over Texas and BYU. Rounding out opening weekend is the Labor Day matchup of Ohio State and Virginia Tech, where we predict Ohio State has decent odds of coming out a winner. In our upset pick of the week we have Georgia Southern as a slight favorite over West Virginia! There are also a few other upsets-in-the-waiting, and potential close calls. Kentucky, Purdue and Wake Forest need to be on the lookout! Check out all of our predictions at http://football.loudsound.org/2015/predictive/complete/pre/scores/1.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Welcome to our 15th year of rankings! Like every good college football team, we've spent the off-season recruiting new features and working out our existing ones! Lots of behind-the-scenes updates have been made to make the early season rankings and predictions much better. We've also added several usability enhancements to make navigating the site a little nicer, as well as fixed several bugs. As always, if you find an issue or think something can be done better, email us at football@loudsound.org.

We're super excited to be added to Kenneth Massey's College Football Ranking Composite! Kenneth has compiled the best-of-the-best College Football Computer Rankings every year and we're finally making the cut! We also continue to be included on The Prediction Tracker, where you can see how we stack up to other predictive systems. Last year we had the best record against the spread!

OK, on to this year! One of the new features is we've made it easier to see preseason rankings. The new link is http://football.loudsound.org/2015/rank/pre. This runs the predictive system to the end of the season using our preseason ratings, and will match what you see on the predictive page at http://football.loudsound.org/2015/predictive/complete/pre/rank/20.

So what are we predicting? Alabama over Ohio State in the finals! We also have South Carolina and Florida State in the semi-finals. Let's see how this plays out! For the final top ten we have:

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Stanford
4. Arkansas
5. South Carolina
6. Florida State
7. Michigan
8. Oklahoma
9. Clemson
10. Louisiana State

Check back in a couple days for highlights of our Week 1 predictions!
link: http://football.loudsound.org/